RAR Password Unlocker Crack v5.0.0 + Activation Key Latest [2022]

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RAR Password Unlocker Crack + Serial Number Free Download

RAR Password Unlocker Crack

RAR Password Unlocker Crack Apparently, this can be a useful tool if you forgot your WinRAR / RAR password. Using brute force, custom mask brute force, and dictionary attacks, it is able to remove RAR passwords quickly. With the advanced search algorithm, multi-core processor, etc., this RAR password recovery tool allows you to enjoy a higher recovery rate than other similar programs.

The program can be used to recover lost passwords for RAR / WinRAR archives from versions 2.90 to 5. xx. Hashcat is similar, but it specializes in RAR / WinRAR archives. As an example, we support not only encrypted headers but also self-extracting archives and multi-volume archives.

RAR Password Unlocker Key With three different unlock options, the user can select the most appropriate one based on the strength and length of the password. If you think that the password is not difficult to decipher, you can use the dictionary mode. However, for full treatment, you can use the Brute Force option. This will go through all possible password sequences until you get the correct one.

However, this option in the license key may take some time. If you remember the length of the password, another option may be better for you: brute force with mask, just like brute force, but faster than the parameters added. Limit your options to try. The program automatically records the process. If there are problems, you do not need to go back to field 1 because the program continues where it left off.

RAR Password Unlocker Crack Features

  • 5 types of attacks: brute force, hidden brute force, dictionary attack, smart dictionary attack, and mask attack.
  • RAR Password Unlocker keygen Check IconIt is easy to use and multilingual.
  • Check IconSmart Dictionary Attack with smart mutations of possible passwords in dictionary files.
  • Make sure that IcconCan can also be started by right-clicking on the RAR archive in Windows Explorer and that it supports drag and drop.
  • Check IconPause or stop the process of unlocking the saved RAR password at any time, close it and continue another day.
  • Check IconFree for personal use.
  • Integrated into Windows Explorer and supports drag and drop.
  • Expert is very easy to use. It can also be started by right-clicking on the RAR archive in
  • Windows Explorer supports drag and drop.
  • The application is multilingual and translated into 39 different languages.
  • Interrupt or stop the RAR password recovery process at any time, even close the application and resume it another day. Save the project automatically at a specific time interval.
  • Save the previously found passwords and try first.
  • RAR Password Unlocker activation key View a list of previously found passwords and associated files.
  • Maximum password length.
  • Minimum password length.
  • Cut the password for .. characters.
  • Mix all combinations

What’s New?

  • Bug fixed: The file can now be opened with the options of the context menu “Open with” in the Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed bug: Brute Force restoration did not stop correctly.
  • Support for RAR 5.0 archives.
  • multithreading.
  • An error in the password has been fixed.
  • Do it for free for personal use.
  • What’s new in version 1.0:
  • First edition.

RAR Password Unlocker Full Crack Version Smart Dictionary Attack Mutation Commands:

  • Large and lower case
  • Convert to lowercase
  • Convert to uppercase
  • Capitalize
    First lower case – the rest in capital letters
  • UpperCase/LowerCase
    Switches the capitalization of a character to a specific position
    Try all possible combinations of lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Suffix prefix
    Use a prefix mask
    Use a suffix mask
  • Add numbers from .. to .., at the beginning and/or at the end.
    but Add up to .. special characters at the beginning and/or end.
    Add up to .. a-z (lowercase letters) at the beginning and/or end.
    so Add the letters A to Z (uppercase letters) at the beginning and/or end.

System Requirements:

1. CPU: 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz recommended).
2. Operating system: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008/2003/2000.
3. RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended).
4. Hard disk space: 15 MB of free space.


Finally, we share above all information about RAR Password Unlocker Crack for PC you need to know. We have also explained how to activate the RAR Password Cracker full version for free in this post. If you have questions about it, please leave a comment below.


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